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methylene n : the bivalent radical CH2 derived from methane [syn: methylene group, methylene radical]

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  1. The divalent radical CH2< in which the free valencies are part of single bonds.
  2. The same group, present as a repeating unit, in aliphatic compounds with names such as hexamethylenediamine.
  3. The unstable carbene CH2:


divalent radical
  • French: méthylène
  • Greek: μεθυλένιο
  • Spanish: metileno
group present as a repeating unit
  • French: méthylène
  • Greek: μεθυλένιο
  • Spanish: metileno
unstable carbene CH2
  • French: méthylène
  • Greek: μεθυλένιο
  • Spanish: metileno

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Methylene is the chemical species, R2C:, named after methane, in which two of the carbon atom's valence electrons form no bonds. The word is applicable to:
Methylene groups in a chain or ring contribute to its size and lipophilicity.
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